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Urban wedding photography in the fog with a fine slice of Country Hotel

FOG horn sounding in my head as I drive into Plymouth city centre. Visibility is crazy low but the light is amazing!!! it was going to be an interesting day! A perfect day for Analogue photography.

Sharon & Nigel had  their ceremony right in the centre of town, earlier the Younger team had scouted a few locations. The Americano Coffee House came up as the perfect location as it was just around the corner from the Methodist Central Hall and beautifully styled inside. I would love the thank the  manager as she willingly let us reserve a table in a intimate corner with vibrant colours.

After a coffee and a few stunning images we headed back to Kitley House for some   better weather  and warm  hospitality.

I couldn’t resist the urge to shoot more film, I’m totally hooked in the ole ways and love the results. Although I wasn’t commissioned to shoot film however, as soon as I seen the weather,  I wanted to pack a few rolls of 120 roll film and a couple of film cameras.

WHY FILM? Truth is I can’t sum that answer up easily.  Digital does tick a lot of boxes, but maybe not all the boxes……..I simply love the mind set of shooting film, I’ve missed it.

I began my professional career in 1989 film was the only option. Every photographer in the UK and  around the world photographed weddings on Film, it was the norm. Film makes us think harder ( hummm thats a result in its self some may say 😉 ) it is a calculated process that costs money each and every time we press the shutter.

Shooting analogue photography does not have the benefit of hindsight in the form of a screen at the back of the camera. Using a light meter and with all my experience I know I have the image.

Film has a look that I’ve strived to replicate for over 12 years through digital imagery.  I’m not a digital hater, I actually really like it but we are just talking digits, 0’s and 1’s matrix language. Photography is an Art  process thats dates back years.

I honestly think digital photography still has a  long way to go to be better than film, or Digital imagery has to realise  it needs to take a different road and discover itself.

In my opinion Film produces nicer colours. Not overly saturated like many digital images today. At Younger photography we are getting closer to getting film like images from our digital files in the editing stages.

Many images in this blog are taken digitally with a selection of Film mixed in.

I did an hours talk at the Photography show last month, I still feel I didn’t manage to explain my reasons for shooting film, there seems to be so many. I might take the film journey further by developing my own film and printing my own images.  For now I use a professional Film lab.

Ultimately I’m heading down the road of quality over quantity, film is slowing me down making me a better photographer. Oh  and I love the old cameras. The next couple of blogs will also be packed full of Digital and film photography. As soon  as I get my films back from the lab 🙂

Over the next few journal posts I will talk a bit about the film I put in the bag on the day and the cameras I decided to use.

Hope to see you again




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