Cornish wedding photography

Wedding in St Cleer church and Trethorne Leisure farm

Charlie is a Chef ( she uses knives)  and  Troy works in a Gun shop ( he also sells large hunting knives). This was a bonkers wedding in Cornwall, well it was always going to be slightly wild with a Cornish  wedding reception at  Trethorne Leisure Farm!

Bumper cars, Giant peddle bikes, farm animals and hay bales and the largest Rambo Knife ever!! The wedding took place in St Cleer Church near Liskeard  after  the Vicar had a few attempts at the grooms name, Charlie finally managed Troy at 1.00Pm

I love the image of the Vicar signing the register while charlie & Troy have a sneaky Kiss!

I maybe scarred for life from this wedding, I’ll never use a pot of ” I can’t believe its not butter ” again & I will always bring a needle and thread to future weddings. Note to self don’t let Bride on an extra large trampoline while wearing a wedding dress 😉

A fun day doesn’t do Charlie’s & Troy’s wedding justice.

On a side note during our meeting to plan the wedding I managed to drop a MacBook Pro, I felt sick to stomach as I had just spent a small fortune upgrading the ram and installing a large SSD hard drive it was running sweet for an ageing mac. To top that a canon L 24-70 2.8 lens literally fell of my camera during the  wedding shoot only to land on the only piece of granite sticking out of the grass 🙁 A run of total bad luck……But could  it have been worse? Yes, it could have been a total disaster, if I didn’t have back up equipment…..We carry spares of  everything.

I love that Charlie agreed to bring the Landrover on the moors, I noticed it on the drive way and suggested it would work well on the moors especially as red was the colour theme.  This delighted Charlie’s Mum as the land Rover was Charlie’s granddads.



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The Orangery, Mount Edgcumbe

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